Geoffrey Edelsten's shock revelation: 'I'm dying'

Geoffrey Edelsten has revealed he could only have a year or two left to live after being diagnosed with a tumour.

The one-time doctor told Victoria's Supreme Court a professor had informed him he had a life-threatening tumour, called a Schwannoma.

"I had one to two years of normal cognitive function and then it would decrease, and that would result in my death," Edelsten told the court.

Edelsten failed to specify when he was given the news, but the 69-year-old previously suffered from a brain tumour in the nineties.

The shock revelation came during a hearing in which Edelsten is seeking an injunction to prevent an American woman, Stacy da Silva, speaking about him to the media.

The sales representative testified via video link from New Jersey, but almost all of what she had to say cannot be revealed for legal reasons.

However, we can report her reaction to a voice mail message left by Edelsten's reality TV show wife, Brynne, in which she claims the 29-year-old was 'very nasty'.

She claimed Brynne was 'disgusting, cursing and calling me names.'

Stacy da Silva often burst into tears during her testimony.

All eyes in the courtroom were focused on the sobbing witness as she gave evidence, except Edelsten's.

He sat with his eyes downcast, fidgeting with his glasses, and occasionally sipping a soft drink.

Stacy da Silva will continue giving evidence tomorrow.