Genetically modified foods could hit shelves untested and unlabelled

Adene Cassidy

A new loophole could soon leave Australians eating genetically modified foods, without even knowing it.

A new report has revealed that regulators are letting some foods, created under new genetically modified (GM) techniques on to shelves untested and unlabelled.

While GM foods are currently limited by tight regulations, global food companies are using new science that the industry argues isn’t genetic engineering.

New scientific practices have made canola herbicide resistent.

The new techniques mean fruit and vegetables could last even longer on the shelves and at home. For example a genetically modified apple that never goes brown.

However under the new regulations, consumers will never know just how those apples were modified.

Independent senator Nick Xenophon believes consumers have a right to know exactly what they are eating.

Source: 7 News.

"If you are what you eat, you at least need to know what you're eating,” he told 7 News.

Reports commissioned overseas are already warning of risks.

"They all came to the conclusion that these new crops pose the same risks as older GM technology and they need to be assessed for safety,” Louise Sales from Friends of the Earth told 7 News.

Campaigners say the new GM products could be here within days.

But Food Standards Australia claims it's not aware of any foods on the market place produced using these new techniques.

News break – December 17