'Get the scissors': Fury over passenger's shocking act on flight

A traveller has set the internet alight after posting a photo of a fellow passenger's "annoying" mid-air act.

On Reddit, user 'dashb0y' shared a picture of their flight set up — their device plugged in with a TV show playing and an unsightly addition from the woman sitting in of him.

The blonde woman's ponytail is hanging over her chair and reaches halfway to his tray table.

"My view for most of my 3-hour flight," they said.

While people unanimously agreed the woman was out of line, a debate was sparked over the actions of the Reddit poster with many saying he should've simply asked her to move her hair

"Why do these people not say something. I wouldn’t put up with it," one person said in the comments.

A Reddit user was stuck behind someone on a plane who had no regard for their personal space. Source: Reddit/dashb0y
A Reddit user was stuck behind someone on a plane who had no regard for their personal space. Source: Reddit/dashb0y

However, a few people seemed to think if someone would do this in the first place, they probably wouldn't respond well to someone politely asking them to tuck their hair away.

"My line of thinking would be if they're a big enough a**hole to do it in the first place they'll probably have a really bad reaction if you ask them to move it," someone said.

Others took a more sinister approach and suggested other avenues be explored, like knotting her hair.

A few people suggested whipping out the scissors, which – luckily for the girl – are not allowed on planes.

While several offered a somewhat creepier option: "I would just enthusiastically say 'You've got real pretty hair. Is it ok if I brush it for you during the flight?'" one person said.

"Problem solved and she will never do it again."

Unfortunately it's not the first time a long-haired passenger has draped their locks over their chair.

Last October, another photo went viral after the woman's long brown hair covered the entire back of her chair.

Thousands of people found the action to be inconsiderate of other passengers.

"Completely inconsiderate & unnecessary. Saying this as a fellow long-hair haver," one user wrote.

Others were concerned about sanitary issues as the hair was covering the tray table.

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