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Fury over passenger's 'absolutely unnecessary' act on plane

Although Covid-19 forced an air travel hiatus, some seem to have forgotten their in-flight etiquette since its return.

A photo posted to Twitter showed a passenger with their hair draped over the back of a seat, covering the tray of the person behind. It has sparked outrage online, with many in disbelief over the bold move.

The photo has since gone viral, with many agreeing it's a definite flying faux pas.

"Would this piss you off?" user Anthony wrote alongside the photo, that's been liked over 28,700 times.

A woman's hair falls over the back of a plane seat and over a man's tray table on an aircraft.
The woman draped her hair over the back of her seat, covering the tray of the person behind her. Source: Twitter

'Unnecessary and inconsiderate'

According to the response of the photo, which was posted on October 20, thousands of people found the action to be inconsiderate of other passengers.

"Completely inconsiderate & unnecessary. Saying this as a fellow long-hair haver," one user wrote.

"Not just that, but the trays are connected to them," wrote another, calling it a "sanitary issue".

"Who’d want to use them after some rando’s hair was all over it? They also chose to grow it out, not the other side. If comfort is an issue, tough s***. Get a haircut then or deal with it."

Some users came up with suggestions as to how the user could have remedied the situation.

“Lol nah. If I need the tray I’d just let her know I need to get under her hair for a sec. But why would I get mad? Flight over soon, on my merry way," one user suggested.

"I would quietly lower the tray, let her hair fall in and then close it up again. Yes. It would piss me off and I’d tell her to keep it in her seat. If she gets pissy, offer to cut it," another wrote.

It's unclear what airline the user was flying on and where they were travelling to.

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