Furious driver fined $283 for parking in his own driveway

A Sydney man was bewildered to receive a hefty parking fine in his own driveway, claiming a "semi-trailer" could even get around his car.

2GB radio producer Angus Kelleher took to discussing the $283 fine with Ben Fordham this morning, with the park in question also being posted online.

The hatchback is seen to be parked in front of the man's garage, which according to him only "ever so slightly" obstructs the pathway behind.

Two photos of they Sydney driver's car parked in front of his garage.
A Sydney driver has copped a $283 fine for parking in his own driveway last week. Source: 2GB

"Last week I was charged with a parking fine in my own driveway," the Sydney local said on 2GB radio.

"There's a (large amount) of pavement behind the pathway, there is no obstruction. People can easily get around in fact I reckon a semi-trailer could get around it."

When asked why he wouldn't just use the garage, he said it's "really old" and "doesn't always work".

Many weren't sympathetic towards the driver as the common parking habit is illegal for a reason.

"The law is the law," one person commented on 2GB's Facebook page.

"My wife uses a mobility scooter and has to go onto the road because of this kind of thing. Very dangerous. This law should be enforced more," another said.

A frustrated mum even recently took to social media to complain about her experience with a similar incident when walking by with a pram.

However others were more forgiving. "It's his own driveway, and he's left plenty of room for pedestrian traffic," one commented.

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