Petrol prices set to rise: Where to fuel up before the long weekend

If you're heading away for the weekend, find a servo sooner rather than later. (Source: Getty)

Petrol prices plummeted when the world came to a standstill and went into hibernation thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, but they are set to rise again, according to new analysis.

With travel restrictions easing across the country, motorists may be looking for the best place to fuel up for long weekend getaways.

“During the height of the pandemic, petrol prices were at the lowest we had seen in decades,” said household savings expert Abigail Koch.

“We advise motorists to shop around for the cheapest petrol in their area ahead of the long weekend, or if they are taking a road trip, pinpoint petrol stops along to secure the lowest prices.”

Here’s where to find the cheapest petrol prices in most Australian capital cities, according to


City-by-city breakdown


The Central Coast has enjoyed the lowest petrol prices over the last quarter (112cpl) while the southern region of Sutherland has seen the highest prices (123cpl).

As of Monday morning, the cheapest fuel could be found at Croydon Park and Strathfield South in Sydney’s west at 97cpl.

Fill up your tanks as soon as possible and shop around, advises.


You’ll consistently find a good deal on petrol at Darebin North at 109cpl on average, while the Bayside region recorded the most expensive unleaded petrol price on average at 119cpl.

If you were fuelling up on Monday morning you’d find the cheapest petrol at Montmorency at 92cpl.

Melbourne is nearing the end of its petrol cycle, so fuel up in the next few days before the long weekend hits. Beware: the peak of the next petrol price cycle will be much higher than the current one.


Brisbane South saw the cheapest average prices across the quarter leading up to June at 112cpl while Brisbane East was on the other end of the spectrum, averaging 118cpl.

On Monday morning, the cheapest petrol would have been found in Darra for 97cpl.

Fuel up as soon as you can: petrol prices are expected to rise every single day, so shop around but don’t wait too long.


Lucky Adelaideans paid the least for petrol across the whole country during the three months leading up to June.

Prices didn’t vary much across the city, either, with only 3cpl difference between the cheapest and the most expensive region during this period: Adelaide West saw an average of 106cpl while Adelaide Central and Hills averaged 109cpl.

You would have found the cheapest petrol at Adelaide Airport for 93cpl. Motorists are urged to fuel up soon and before the long weekend as prices will steadily rise across the next few days.


Those living in South East Perth would have seen the cheapest petrol prices on average, at 108cpl while those living in Mandurah would have had to fork out slightly more at 110cpl.

The cheapest petrol in this city on Monday morning was found right by Perth Airport at 90cpl.

If you filled your tank yesterday, you likely got prices at its lowest point this cycle; if you’re filling up from today onwards, shop around as prices can differ as much as 10cpl at the peak of the cycle and throughout the long weekend.


Those living in Australia’s capital unfortunately saw the highest average petrol prices across the country at 122cpl – and this already represents a drop of 21cpl since last quarter.

On Monday morning, the cheapest area for petrol was Amaroo at 104cpl. Fuel up as soon as you can: petrol prices have been steadily rising and will keep rising through the long weekend.

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