Four Kiwi thugs face deportation over brutal bashing of young Melbourne father kicked unconscious

Four Kiwi men are facing deportation over the brutal bashing of a young father captured on CCTV.

Harrowing security video shows young Melbourne dad Kane Dulieu repeatedly kicked and punched while he is out celebrating his 24th birthday.

A friend tries to intervene in the November 2016 incident that saw four men against one.

Kane Dulieu was attacked by a group of men. Source: Herald Sun

The father is punched to the back of the head but his attackers don't stop there.

Surrounding him, the attackers rain down blows on him in a flurry of punches and kicks all while he lies motionless on the ground.

The young father was rushed to hospital. Source: Facebook / Kane Dulieu

The friend is knocked back by a single punch after trying to intervene.

Dulieu was rushed to hospital where he was placed in a coma. Days later he emerged from his coma.

Mr Delieu thankfully survived the attack. Source: Herald Sun

Thankfully the young father was not left with any long-lasting injuries from the attack.

Each man was sentenced to less than five years' jail for their role in the attack, sparked over an allegedly damaged car.

They now face deportation for their crimes.