Former stripper charged over alleged cold case murder of fiancé

A former stripper has been charged over the alleged murder of her fiancé, who vanished from his home over a decade ago.

George Templeton, 38, was last seen in May 2005.

He had left the house he shared with his fiancé, 32-year-old Robyn Lindholm, and his teenage son in Reservoir, north of Melbourne.

Templeton, also known as Teazis, a father of five, had been in a six-year relationship with Lindholm when he vanished.

George Templeton went missing in 2005, while he was engaged to Lindholm.

He had a criminal record and in August 2005, police conceded that it was possible that he did not want to be found, however they held grave concerns as he had not used his mobile phone or bank accounts.

At the time he was also looking forward to a prepaid holiday to Queensland with Lindholm.

Robyn Lindholm has been charged with the alleged murder of her former fiance.

Lindholm was reportedly out visiting a friend when Mr Templeton left.

She had received a text message from him about 2.40am, but was unable to contact him.

At the time she said the pair had enjoyed a dinner with a friend at home, the night before he went missing.

She also said he appeared happy the last time she saw him.

The Herald Sun reported Lindholm and her new lover at the time, who was later murdered, were investigated over Mr Templeton’s disappearance.

Lindholm has been charged with the alleged murder.

However it was found lack of evidence stalled the investigation.

Police remained confident that changes in relationships and circumstances, would eventually result in witnesses coming forward.

Before he vanished, Mr Templeton was alleged to have beaten Lindholm, tied her up and put a gun to her head.

Police believe they have new leads into the investigation of Mr Templeton's death.

In 2015, the cold case homicide unit learnt new information about Mr Templeton’s disappearance, which sparked further investigation.

Now 43, the Ravenhall woman has been charged with murder by homicide detectives.

She refused to be interviewed by police this week.

Lindholm had also bragged about once being linked to slain ‘Black Prince of Lygon Street’ Alphonse Gangitano, who she claimed she had fallen pregnant to.

Gangitano was murdered in 1998, police suspect the triggerman was Jason Moran.

Lindholm is expected to face the court on Friday.