Deadly flu outbreak suspected of killing nursing home resident in Mount Gambier

A deadly flu outbreak has forced a nursing home into lockdown in South Australia.

There are 73 residents at Boandik Lodge in Mount Gambier and 23 are suspected of having Influenza A.

Tragically, three residents have died since the outbreak surfaced eight days ago.

23 residents at this nursing home are suspected of having Influenza A. Source: 7 News

So far it has been confirmed that one of them had contracted the virus.

Robert Charles, who was 88, died on Friday.

Robert Charles, 88, died on Friday. Source: 7 News

At the request of his family, an autopsy is now underway to determine the cause of death.

Loved ones arrived at the nursing home on Friday to visit him only to be told the terrible news that he had passed away half an hour before they arrived.

Loved ones arrived at Boandik in Mount Gambier to find that Mr Charles had died half an hour earlier. Source: 7 News

Another of Boandik's Mount Gambier sites is dealing with an even worse outbreak, with 30 suspected flu cases.

Both facilities are now in lockdown as they struggle to contain the spread of the virus.

"We've never had an outbreak this bad for influenza before, so it is concerning that it is spreading so easily," Boandik CEO Gillian McGinty said.

CEO Gillian McGinty said it was

The CEO said all residents and a majority of staff are vaccinated against the flu but this particular strain can even infect those who are protected.

The facility is urging visitors who do not need to be there, especially anyone with flu-like symptoms, to stay away.