Hilarious video shows teen high on painkillers after leg surgery

A teen high on painkillers following surgery to his leg has become an internet sensation thanks to his hyperactive and inappropriate rant.

Hilarious footage shows Mark Clayton, from Florida, slowly coming around from his anesthetic when he embarked on a vibrant spiel from his hospital bed.

Amused onlookers struggled to get a word in edgeways as his father filmed his light-hearted, innocuous chat.

Mark Clayton was high on anesthetic following his leg surgery. Source: YouTube

But the 18-year-old's behaviour takes a inappropriate turn when he says to a nurse: "show me your t***!"

After his father pulls him into line, he later offers a remorseful apology to anyone he had offended.

"I didn't mean to, you know, it was just out of an instinct," he admitted to the room.

Mark was initially oblivious to his father filming his lengthy spiel. Source: YouTube

When noticing his sniggering father filming at his bedside, Mark proclaims the video is sure to become a viral hit on social media.

And Mark's prediction soon became reality, with the clip accumulating an impressive six million views online so far.