Flags burnt as left and right-wing protesters march in Melbourne

About two dozen masked members of an anti-fascism splinter group have clashed with police and media despite two opposing rallies being kept apart in Melbourne.

Flags were set alight and a news photographer was assaulted as a group dressed in black and wearing masks followed a True Blue Crew rally through Melbourne.

Up to 150 True Blue Crew supporters marched to the Carlton Gardens and were followed by a splinter group from an opposing Campaign Against Racism and Fascism rally.

Vietnamese Australian 'Steve' leads the march of right wing protesters from the UPF and the True Blue Crew to Parliament House where Anti racism and Fascism were gathered. Source: AAP

Flags burnt at inner-city Melbourne rally. Source: AAP

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A man who tried to stop the flag burning said those involved in the scuffles were anarchists who did not represent the no racism rally.

Sunday's scuffles, the latest violence in a series of similar rallies, broke out despite the two opposition rallies being kept apart.

'True Blue Crew' member at Melbourne rally. Source: AAP

Police protect right-wing protesters from the UPF and the True Blue Crew. Source: AAP

Up to 150 Campaign Against Racism protesters had rallied outside Parliament House, where the True Blue Crew rally was due to meet, before staging a "victory" march through the Melbourne CBD.

Both rallies have now ended.

Anti racism and fascism protesters. Source: AAP

Police protect protesters in Melbourne CBD. Source: AAP

Superintendent David Clayton said police were generally satisfied with the protests as they were in the main able to keep the two protest groups apart.

Two people involved in a fight were arrested for assault while another person was arrested for damaging a photographer's camera.