Fisherman hooks kayaker on Sydney Harbour: ‘F**king idiot’

In a Tiktok video two men were heard laughing about their catch.

A kayaker was forced to take an unexpected dip when he was caught by a fisherman’s line in Sydney Harbour.

In a video, which has since gone viral on TikTok with almost 168,000 views, the man can be seen paddling towards Sydney Harbour Bridge before he is suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Standing on the shore, two men can be heard laughing about their accidental catch.

“Yup, yup, yup, it’s stopped him, here we go, here we go,” the fisherman being filmed says.

A Sydney kayaker was tipped overboard after getting caught on a fisherman's line. Source: TikTok
A Sydney kayaker was tipped overboard after getting caught on a fisherman's line. Source: TikTok

While the kayaker yells from the water, his words undistinguishable, the man shouts back that he’s “got some expensive gear.”

“So is this!” the paddler replied. “I can’t cut it.”

As the fisherman continues to reel the kayaker in, pulling his rod back with force, a wave suddenly hits the vessel and the kayaker is knocked into the water as his boat overturns.

“F**king joke!” he screams, bobbing up and down in Sydney Harbour while holding onto the side of his kayak. He tells them not reel in any more of they will damage the boat.

Appearing to realise that there is no other way out of the situation, the fisherman tells his friend, “alright, guess we are cutting it.”

As the cameraman moves to get a better angle, the submerged kayaker can be heard cursing the fishermen.

“F**king knob,” he adds before telling the man, “I can’t get it off it, you’re going to have to f**king cut it.”

Using a pocket knife, the fisherman finally makes the snip. “Alright there we go,” he says before tossing the line into the water,”

“I told you I was coming around,” the kayaker replies. “F**king idiot.”

Surfer hooked by fisherman

In November, a fisherman “hooked in a big one” when he caught a surfer off the coast of California.

In a clip uploaded to Instagram, the surfer could be seen screaming at the man to “let the string out", while he tried desperately to remove the hook from his hand.

“The hook was caught in my wrist and I could not pull it out with my other hand,” he wrote online. “I had to rip out the hook with my teeth, and then make sure I did not get hooked in my lip and made the situation worse.”

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