First trailer for Downton Abbey star Michelle Dockery's new movie

michelle dockery as madolyn in flight risk
First trailer for Downton Abbey star's new movieLionsgate

A first trailer for Michelle Dockery's thriller Flight Risk has been released, which sees the Downton Abbey star involved in an adrenaline-filled ride.

Dockery features opposite Uncharted's Mark Wahlberg and That '70s Show's Topher Grace in the movie written by Jared Rosenberg and directed by Mel Gibson.

Coming to UK cinemas this October, Flight Risk gives one of its twists away in the trailer, with the clip introducing viewers to FBI agent Madelyn Harris, who's tasked with bringing informant Winston (Grace) to trial. Wahlberg plays the sketchy pilot who's flying them across Alaska, though his relaxed demeanour may conceal something sinister.

michelle dockery as madolyn in flight risk

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The clip reveals that Wahlberg's character Daryl Booth has been hired to shut Winston's mouth before he could tell the authorities what he knows.

When they realise Daryl must've got rid of the actual pilot, Winston and Madelyn know they'll have to cooperate to fly the plane and make it out alive.

The official synopsis promises Flight Risk to be a "high-stakes suspense thriller", teasing a twisty denouement for the three characters involved.

michelle dockery as madolyn and mark wahlberg as daryl in flight risk

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"Academy Award nominee Mark Wahlberg plays a pilot transporting an Air Marshal (Michelle Dockery) accompanying a fugitive (Topher Grace) to trial," the logline reads.

"As they cross the Alaskan wilderness, tensions soar and trust is tested, as not everyone on board is who they seem."

topher gracel in flight risk

Best known for the role of Lady Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey, Dockery will next be seen in Destry Allyn Spielberg's feature directorial debut, horror Please Don't Feed the Children, as well as This Town, the new series from Peaky Blinders' Steven Knight, and thriller Boy Kills World.

Flight Risk is released in UK cinemas on October 18.

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