Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth trailer confirms two surprise characters

cloud in final fantasy vii rebirth
FFVII Rebirth confirms two surprise charactersSquare Enix

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth spoilers follow.

Ahead of the game's release later this month, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has released a story-heavy trailer alongside the drop of the demo.

The trailer goes much further into the narrative than previous promotional materials, covering essentially all of what was Disc 1 in the 1997 PlayStation original. That includes Rocket Town, Temple of the Ancients and the Forgotten Capital (now with a whole host of Whispers following their seeming defeat in Remake).

aerith in final fantasy vii rebirth
Square Enix

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As well as some new minor characters (to be expected with the expanded world) and a side-quest system, the trailer also features two surprise appearances from important characters not in the original FFVII.

First up, there's Cissnei of the Turks. The Shinra spy appeared in spin-offs like Before Crisis and Crisis Core and was a close friend of Zack. Since timeline shenanigans mean that Zack is alive when he should be dead, there's potential for Cissnei to be very important to Rebirth's new take on the classic narrative.

cissnei in final fantasy vii rebirth
Square Enix

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There's also Gilgamesh, the clumsy, multi-armed warrior who has never appeared in an FFVII project before but has popped up in multiple FF titles — oftentimes being the exact same person hopping between dimensions. Silhouetted against the moonlight, he looks like he's wielding the Buster Sword, which is supposed to be one of a kind.

gilgamesh in final fantasy vii rebirth
Square Enix

Whether or not all that will play into the multiverse theories surrounding the Remake trilogy is unknown at this time, but we do know that he will be a boss fight within Rebirth.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be released on February 29 on PlayStation 5, with a demo available to download on PSN right now.

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