FIFA confirm death of migrant worker during World Cup 2022

FIFA confirm death of migrant worker during World Cup 2022

FIFA says it is "deeply saddened" by the death of another migrant worker at the World Cup in Qatar.

A maintenance worker, a Filipino national, was reportedly at a training base used by the Saudi Arabia squad when he died during the group stage of the tournament.

The Athletic confirmed the death of the unnamed 40-year-old in a forklift truck accident at the five-star beach resort. A statement from the world football governing body did not confirm any further details.

A statement read: "Fifa is deeply saddened by this tragedy and our thoughts and sympathies are with the worker’s family.

"As soon as Fifa was made aware of the accident, we contacted the local authorities to request more details.

"Fifa will be in a position to comment further once the relevant processes in relation to the worker’s passing have been completed."

The treatment of migrant labourers, of which the workforce which helped build and maintain the facilities used at the tournament was largely made up of, has long been under the spotlight.

The Qatari government had initially estimated that less than 40 had died before the tournament before a revised figure last month was set at "between 400 and 500".

Human rights groups estimated the true death toll to be over 6,500.