Ferry McFerryFace sets sail as union, government agree to name change

The crew of Ferry McFerryFace have only agreed to work on the ship if the government changes its name as the newest addition to Sydney’s ferry fleet hits the water.

It’s just a nickname - the vessel’s registered name is Emerald 6, but that didn’t stop residents and interstate visitors from coming to see the ship off.

Transport Minister Andrew Constance said the name has had “global attention”.

“For Maritime purposes it’s Emerald 6,” he said.

Ferry McFerryFace will begin service on Monday. Source: 7 News

“But for the kids of Sydney and kids of New South Wales and kids of Australia it’s Ferry McFerryFace.

"Any kid which catches McFerryFace will remember it for life."

One woman said the reason she came to see the ferry was just because of the name.

Visitors saw humour in the vessel's name. Source: 7 News

But members of the union threatened to walk off the job over the Ferry McFerryFace name, with Maritime Union of Australia’s Paul Garrett saying it’s a “stupid name”.

“It’s got the name Emerald 6,” he said.

“It’s not going to have that other stupid name going for 30 odd years. This is just a temporary arrangement over summer."

Ferry McFerryFace will begin service on Monday between Taronga Zoo and Manly.

The Maritime Union has only agreed to work on Ferry McFerryFace on the condition the name is temporary. Source: 7 News