Fears pets will be put down over Xmas

Fears pets will be put down over Xmas

The number of unwanted dogs and cats at the RSPCA's Yagoona shelter in Sydney's southwest has now reached a critical level.

And with more pets expected to be dumped over Christmas it's feared many will have to be put down, unless they're adopted soon.

"Unfortunately we do have to euthanise, if we simply don't have the room to hold the animals here," RSPCA shelter manager Adam Farrugia said.

The RSPCA's Sydney shelter is overflowing with cats so badly that they're forced to pass animals to pet shops or put them down, because no one wants a feline friend.

"People tend to come in looking for kittens, and can overlook the adult cats here that we have here for adoption," Farrugia said.

The RSPCA are selling them for half price in an effort to clear the decks, but even that hasn't tempted potential pet owners.

All are given a vet check before moving in with their new family. Keepers know they could end up as gifts, just like these active pups.

The advice stays the same; pets are for life, they're not just a Christmas present, and they can live for up to 20 years.

You need to be prepared to care for them for that time. They'll thank you for the new start at life.