Farmer puts a different spin on Australia Day

Of all the celebrations for Australia Day, this might just be the strangest.

Kalkallo farmer Hannah Marriott marked the occasion by recreating our national flag with sheep.

The 32-year-old shepherded 1030 of her wooly livestock to create the fitting tribute, that was also intended to show a lighter side to life on the land.

"It's a fairly mundane job so I thought 'how can I make this a bit more interesting?' So I made a flag," she said.

Farmer creates 'OZ' sheep tribute to mark Australia Day. Photo: 7News
Farmer creates 'OZ' sheep tribute to mark Australia Day. Photo: 7News

Hannah maneuvered a feed trailer to carve out the criss-cross lines in the Union Jack, but the stars proved a little more complicated.

"It took a little bit of negotiating with the sheep but it didn't turn out too bad," she said.

For Hannah, this wasn't just an expression of her Aussie spirit, she wanted to show her love for life on the land and send a positive message about our agricultural industry.

"I like communicating what we do to the greater public because I'm proud of it and I think we do a good job," she said.

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