Farmer, 72, diagnosed with ‘Popeye sign’ arm

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A farmer has been rushed to the emergency room with doctors noting his arm resembled the biceps of cartoon character Popeye.

The 72-year-old was taken to hospital with his right arm in pain and a massive swelling mass on it after performing weightlifting, according to his case in The Annals of Emergency Medicine.

He underwent an ultrasound on his arm and shoulder.

Due to the bulging mass on his arm, doctors diagnosed him with 'Popeye Sign'.

A 72-year-old man diagnosed with Popeye sign on his arm.
This man was diagnosed with Popeye sign due to the bulging bicep in his arm caused by an injury. Source: The Annals of Emergency Medicine

“The bulging biceps muscle belly makes the arm appear like that of the cartoon character Popeye,” researchers wrote.

While it might seem amusing, the injury was actually quite painful as the man had torn a tendon in his bicep.

“This is a common disorder in older patients, and risk factors include smoking, overuse, obesity, and corticosteroid use,” researchers wrote.

“Patients usually experience sudden sharp pain in the upper arm after a sudden eccentric force in flexing elbow.”

Corticosteroids are a type of anti-inflammatory.

The patient didn’t require surgery though and had his symptoms managed to alleviate his pain.

“His pain decreased within two weeks, and he had normal function after one month,” researchers wrote.

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