Family's 'beautiful' intruder found hiding among presents: 'Christmas in Australia'

With a hot summer ahead, Aussies are being urged to remain vigilant for snakes inside their homes.

"Christmas in Australia."

That's how one snake catching service described the discovery of a slithery intruder found wrapped around one family's Christmas tree over the weekend.

"It wouldn't be Australia without a snake under the Christmas tree," Sunshine Coast Snake Catches 24/7 said when snake catcher Brandon Gifford was called out to retrieve the coastal carpet python after she wrapped herself up among the presents.

And while some overseas will actually believe we've snakes in and around most homes on a daily basis, the festive discovery is still a reminder to keep your eyes peeled for native guests.

The carpet python had made itself at home under the tree. Source: Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7
The carpet python had made itself at home under the tree. Source: Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7

Gifford previously explained to Yahoo News Australia the snakes make their way inside homes to escape the summer heat. With Australia expecting a hotter than normal summer, experts believe more snakes will be entering homes this summer.

Snake discovery prompts a mixed response

The discovery unsurprisingly left many shocked, while others simply admired the "beautiful" carpet python.

"I wouldn’t have lived to see in the new year... Heart attack material," one person responded on Facebook.

"This is precisely why I live in the States," another said.

Just weeks ago, a family north of the Sunshine Coast in Hervey Bay also discovered a snake hiding under its tree. Drew Godfrey, of Hervey Bay Snake Catchers, told Yahoo Christmas trees can attract snakes as they can resemble outside trees, while presents can look like rocks and logs to hide under.

Gifford safely removed the snake from the home before taking the python to the bush and allowing it to climb a much more suitable tree.

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