Family target of alleged racist rant

Tayissa Barone

A 51-year-old Cloverdale woman will face court next week charged over a heated and allegedly racial argument over noisy children.

The woman was charged by police prior to the video being uploaded by the woman’s neighbours on Facebook on Tuesday afternoon.

It was about 1pm on Saturday when a verbal argument broke out between the neighbours over the level of noise created by children playing in a driveway.

The first video shows the woman allegedly using several derogatory terms including monkey and jungle bunny towards the group.

Woman at centre of dispute says she is not a racist. Picture: Nic Ellis/The West Australian

The young children are then heard to be confused and upset and ask the adults what they’ve been called.

The second video features the Cloverdale woman allegedly threatening the group with an iron bar when they attempt to disarm her.

“Touch me, you’re gutted, you yellow eyed motherf***er!,

“Now go back to where you come from you black f***ers. Get out of this place, nobody wants you and that f***ing monkey,” she is alleged to have said.

The incident continues to escalate and the woman is injured, bleeding from a cut above her right eye.

Police allege she assaulted a 31-year-old man and a 29-year-old woman in the fracas.

The woman was charged with assault, going armed in public as to cause fear, disorderly conduct and conduct likely to racially harass.

“I’m not a racist, I believe in living and let live but these days you are a nothing if you’re an Aussie,” she said.

“The climate in society today is dictating that I am a minority in my own country and if that makes me a racist well then I must be but I don’t believe myself to be a racist, I have many friends from many different countries,” she said.

Footage of the shocking confrontation was posted on social media. Picture: Facebook

The woman is scheduled to appear in Perth Magistrate’s Court on April 8.