Family slams anti-vaxxers in Covid victim's obituary

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The family of a fully-vaccinated woman who died from Covid-19 have pulled no punches in blaming those they believe are responsible for her death: the unvaccinated.

Candace Ayers, 66, from Springfield in the US state of Illinois, died on September 3, according to her memorial posted on Dignity Memorial.

“She was vaccinated but was infected by others who chose not to be. The cost was her life,” the memorial reads.

She had been working at St John’s Prairie Heart Institute for five years and was married to her “loving” husband Terry for 43 years. She is also survived by her two children and three grandchildren.

Candace Ayers, 66, is pictured.
Candace Ayers, 66, died from Covid-19 despite being fully vaccinated. Source: Dignity Memorial

Her son Marc told CNN the family “believes in science” and wanted to be vaccinated.

“We were ready to get back to normal,” Marc told CNN.

He believes his mum's death could have been avoided “by a few acts of kindness”.

“Getting a vaccine and wearing a mask for others … had this been done, she would be here today,” he said.

Marc wrote on Facebook he hopes his mum’s story “encourages more to get vaccinated, wear a mask, and protect others with pre-existing conditions”.

He believes his mum became infected on visiting the state of Mississippi.

According to the state’s health records, Mississippi has about 42 per cent of its population fully vaccinated. Roughly one in every 320 Mississippians have succumbed to the coronavirus.

Candace Ayers, 66, is pictured with her son Marc.
Mrs Ayers with her son Marc. He blames her death on people who chose not to get vaccinated. Source: Facebook/ Marc Ayers

“We’re recording well over 2,500 (cases) a day, in recent days, far more than we’d like to see,” State Health Officer Dr Thomas Dobbs said on Thursday.

“A lot of that’s going to translate into tragedy.”

Since the start of the pandemic, at least 9,165 people in Mississippi have died of the virus. The state has a population of roughly three million and has had one of the worst vaccination rates in the country.

String of anti-vaxxer radio hosts die from Covid

Many people who have either denied being vaccinated or played down the veracity of the coronavirus pandemic have suffered tragic consequences.

Bob Enyart, an anti-vaxxer radio host, died from coronavirus recently. Mr Enyart also used his platform to spread false claims about vaccines.

Caleb Wallace, from Texas, died from Covid-19 last month. Mr Wallace organised rallies against “Covid tyranny” in 2020 as Texas was in lockdown and opposed masks.

Marc Bernier, a Florida-based radio host who called himself 'Mr Anti-Vax', died from the virus in August.

Sydney woman Katie Puffet revealed on TikTok last week she is Covid-positive, calling herself “silly” for thinking she would “never get it” because “it isn’t a thing”.

Dick Farrel, a Florida-based radio shock jock, died from Covid-19 earlier this month.

Mr Farrel often spoke out against the vaccine and the Chief of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, Dr Anthony Fauci, calling him a "power tripping lying freak".

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