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Family returns from holiday to find snake house guest

When this family returned home from holiday they didn’t expect to find a new house guest.

YouTuber FatHeadMovie shared the family moment they’re unlikely to forget, when they discovered a snake in their home.

The Naughton family arrived home to find a frightened snake hiding in one of their bedrooms.

After the family cat inspected it and wasn't much help, the family formed a quick emergency hustle to decide how to remove it.

It was decided mum, known as Chareva, would attempt to remove it.

But operation remove snake didn’t go to plan, instead leaving dad – who was behind the camera – in a fit of laughter.

You know it's time to call a snake catcher when...

1. When a 2m Eastern Brown Snake decides to chase a rat under the house:

2. When a carpet python nicknamed ‘Mike Tyson’ tries to bite your face off because it’s eaten a ten year old galah and doesn’t want to be touched because it’s feeling full:

3. When a brown snake decides to go for a quick dip in the pool and gets stuck:
4. When some kids try to remove a red bellied black snake with a broom and make it super angry:
5. When a goanna keeps stealing your chicken eggs:
6. When a keelback snake decides to hangout under the fridge because it’s scared of a big storm:
7. When a tree snake eats a water dragon whole and decides to loiter outside the local shops:
8. When an eastern brown wants to hangout at the local pharmacy but isn’t invited:
9. When a 9-foot python decides to eat your 30-year-old bird named Bundy:
10. When a snake decides to pretend to be a fire hose: