Family overwhelmed by kindness after tragedy

Amanda Abate
Family overwhelmed by kindness after tragedy

A young family struck by tragedy have been left overwhelmed after the community rallied around to help in their hour of need.

After nursing their baby girl through heart surgery the family home was destroyed by fire on the weekend.

But now generous strangers have come forward to help them rebuild their lives.

Three-month old Emily has already fought more battles than most.

While recovering from open heart surgery the infant had to be rescued by her mother as fire destroyed their Sydney family home.

Renna Danelutti and her two youngest daughters only just made it out alive as the roof of their Ashbury home collapsed behind them.

Insurance won't cover everything they've lost but that is where community comes in.

Renna said: “They're all angels, honestly. I’m speechless.”

Friends, family and strangers have donated boxes of toys, clothes and cash.

Mark McKeown, of St Francis Xaviers Ashbury, said: “It's not often you hear of a family who has lost everything. For them it is overwhelming but for me, humbling to see such a quick response.”

Their school is also organising a roster to help the family clean up so they can rebuild.

Dad Paul added: “The way everyone's pulled together it is incredible and we have to be very grateful for that."

Normally it would be Renna and her family organising these fundraisers to help others in need, and that is why it is no surprise the community here is digging deep to repay their kindness."

Friend Gerogie Pagano said: "They deserve it more than anyone I can think of."

Emily may need a second heart operation, but her family won't be fighting that battle alone.