'Extraordinary predator' accused of abusing eight Qld women he met through online dating sites

Multiple domestic violence orders allegedly failed to deter an “extraordinary predator” from targeting and abusing women he met through online dating sites.

Nine women, including the man’s mother, have each taken out separate domestic violence orders against him since early last year.

The man, 35, appeared in the Beenleigh Magistrate’s Court yesterday charged with breaching one of those orders.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Tyler Roberts told the court the man was “predatory in nature” and eight of his victims had no knowledge of each other.

'Extraordinary predator' accused of abusing eight Qld women he met through online dating sites. Source: 7 News.
'Extraordinary predator' accused of abusing eight Qld women he met through online dating sites. Source: 7 News.

The man, who is unemployed and lives at Woodridge, southwest of Brisbane, cannot be identified under Queensland laws.

The man allegedly trawls internet dating sites, targeting vulnerable women who have a low self-esteem, and poor perception of their body image, police allege.

Within days of meeting the women, he moves in with them or they move in with him, the court was told.

"Upon entering the relationship with these women, he attempts to gain control…he locks doors or physically restrains them. He stops them using phones, computers, and makes them report to him who they are in contact with," Sen-Const Roberts told the court.

He also immobilised their cars by removing computer chips and then demanded money for the chips' return.

In June last year, the man allegedly slapped one of his victims with enough force that she fell back onto a bed and hit her head. He then attempted to strangle her with such force that he injured his hand, Sen-Const Roberts said.

He said the man also allegedly threatened to publish photos of the woman, who has autism and low self-esteem.

In another incident in April last year, the man allegedly demanded one of the women hand over her mobile phone before she went to the toilet so she would not contact or text anyone without his knowledge.

He allegedly threatened to “snap” the neck of one woman and threatened to kill the family of another if she left him.

Police also alleged the man threatened to burn down his mother’s house if she did not give him money.

She took a DVO out against him which he breached in February this year by ringing her and asking her for money, the court was told.

Sen-Const Roberts said police feared the man is capable of carrying out these threats.

Last month he was charged with fraud and pawning a laptop and watch he stole shortly after meeting one of his victims on the Skout dating site.

The woman, who also cannot be identified under Queensland laws, told 7 News the man claimed he was homeless and had not eaten for three days.

The man quickly moved into the woman’s family home.

"I met him via an app and I would talk to him online as well as via this app. (He) was everything I was looking for in a partner," she said.

'Extraordinary predator' accused of abusing eight Qld women he met through online dating sites. Source: 7 News.
'Extraordinary predator' accused of abusing eight Qld women he met through online dating sites. Source: 7 News.

The woman alleged it was not long before the man demanded her passwords and PIN numbers for her computer, phone, social media sites and bank accounts.

"He was very slick, very charming, very manipulative.

"The whole relationship actually was just red flag after red flag after red flag," she said.

The woman said she became suspicious of the man and set up a fake profile on a dating site that she thought would attract him.

"Within three days he was contacting the woman I created and told her he was homeless and hadn’t eaten for three days. Exactly what he told me," she said.

Their short relationship ended abruptly with the man moving out of her house after allegedly stealing her computer and several other items.

In an objection to bail yesterday, Sen-Const Roberts said if the man was released he will re-offend, and has no regard for any court-appointed order.

"He is a danger to the community, particularly vulnerable women who use the internet to meet and socialise with men. He has predatory tendencies.

"If he's granted bail, the defendant is just going to go online again and seek another victim. Monitoring his internet use is impossible," Sen-Const Roberts said.

The court was also told the man had arrest warrants issued for him in New South Wales and South Australia.

The man’s defence lawyer asked for strict bail conditions adding his client was moving forward and attempting to rehabilitate.

Magistrate Brian Kilmartin said the fact there were nine separate protection orders against the accused showed he was an “extraordinary predator”.

“He’s imposing himself on people who are at a great social disadvantage. He’ll get one (domestic violence) order, then move on to somebody else... that pattern clearly shows if he’s granted bail today, he’ll find someone else to prey on," Mr Kilmartin said.

He remanded the man in custody and adjourned the matter to June 16.

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