Exploding PIP breast implants

Reporter: Rahni Sadler
Co-producers: Sophie Kennedy-White; Alex Hodgkinson
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The Breast Implant Information Line is 1800 217 257

In a Sunday Night investigation, we look at the PIP breast implant disaster, and the ticking time bomb terrifying women around the world.

A month after the French manufacturer was charged for using industrial grade silicone to make cheap implants, we speak to women suffering the side effects of chemical leakages flowing through their bodies. And the explosive interview with one victim whose child is dying, a child she breastfed with leaking PIP implants.

As Rahni Sadler discovers, Australian women are blaming the PIP manufacturers of being terrorists, while the TGA has failed to recommend their immediate removal.

Health Minister press release:

Women with PIP Breast Implants to receive subsidised MRI scans download [Doc]

TGA safety advisory updates and alerts for PIP implants: www.tga.gov.au/safety/alerts-device-breast-implants-pip-120302.htm


Statement regarding risk of developing cancer (Anaplastic large cell lymphoma ALCL)


Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) breast implants - TGA update


Ashleigh Fenn

23 year old mother of three from Perth, Ashleigh Fenn breastfed her 12 month old baby for over a year before she was aware she had burst PIP implants. Unable to pay for the removal and replacement she is living in fear and concerned about her baby’s ongoing health issues.

Alana Troy

32 year old Alana Troy, mother of two, was contacted by her Surgeon Dr Tim Cooper in May 2010 a week after the PIP Implants were recalled by the Australian government and told her implants were PIP. After testing they discovered that her left implant had ruptured. She had her implants replaced free of charge by Dr Cooper but now lives in fear that she still has industrial silicon in her body.

Lucy Petagine (UK)

38 year old Lucy Petagine, mother of three from Oxhey in Watford (on the outskirts of London) discovered her right PIP implant has ruptured in 2007 but was told she could continue to breastfeed her newborn daughter Luna without risk. Luna was diagnosed with an ependymoma brain tumour at 18months and thinks it may have been caused by the ruptured PIP implant. She also breastfed her second daughter Enza.

More information

Luna Petagine
Fundraising site for 4 year old Luna Petagine: www.lunapetagine.co.uk/

Breast Implant Information Line - 1800 217 257

The Australian Government has set up a free-call help line for individuals concerned about breast implants. The help line can be called 24 hours a day. The TGA's advice to individuals with PIP silicone gel breast implants continues to be that, based on current rates of reporting of implant rupture to the TGA, there is no evidence of an increased rupture rate for PIP breast implants used in Australia. If you have any questions about your breast implants, please seek clinical advice from your implanting surgeon.

Medical Error Action Group


Email info@medicalerroraustralia.com

Support Groups



For Dr Michael Miroshnik website click here

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