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EXCLUSIVE: The secret tool to make your baby sleep

This could be the secret that all new parents are looking for- an amazing and quick way to get your newborn baby to sleep.

Nathan Dailo, 27, and his wife Joyce are new parents to baby Seth, who is three-and-a-half months old, and this clever couple have found an ingenious way to get their little boy to sleep.

Mr Dailo, from Campbelltown in Sydney, posted this adorable video on Youtube showing how he gets Seth to sleep by stroking toilet paper lightly across his face.

But like magic in just 42 seconds Seth falls asleep peacefully.

Seth is the couple's first baby and Mr Dailo told Yahoo7 that like all parents they explored lots of different ways to get their newborn to sleep.

Mr Dailo told Yahoo7: "I guess as new parents, my wife, Joyce, and I pretty much would try anything.

"I know that most kids love a little bit of light friction over their face, forehead, nose area and using a tissue just seemed funnier.

Baby Seth in another adorable photo. Photo: Nathan Dailo/Facebook
Baby Seth in another adorable photo. Photo: Nathan Dailo/Facebook

"We just didn't realize it would knock Seth out that quick.

"Seth is pretty good with sleep, but it's in our toolkit for when we have to put a bit more effort into settling him."

Mr Dailo said that another method the couple used was 'stroking lightly with with our fingers over the bridge of his nose, or on his forehead works too'.

He added: "We get its a fairly old technique, but for new parents out there, trying whatever works is probably high priority for them so we just wanted to share a variation."

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