Conspiracy theorist Eve Black posts bizarre rant after dodging checkpoint

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A coronavirus conspiracy theorist who boasted about crossing a Melbourne checkpoint as cases ramped up in Victoria claims she did nothing wrong.

In an online rant, Eve Black – who was arrested in July after filming herself passing through the checkpoint at Bunyip – said she did not fail to comply with the rules at the checkpoint as a police officer waved her through.

Pictured is Eve Black speaking to the camera for a live Instagram video.
Eve Black said in an online rant police had a "target over her head". Source: Instagram

“So, refusal to comply. I mean, doesn’t that give you the idea that [the police officer] was maybe trying to detain me or something, saying that I couldn’t do something, and then I chose not to listen to that?” she said.

“He asked me questions, I exercised my right to not need to answer them. He didn’t ask me for my information so I didn’t refuse.

“He waved me through. Regardless of whatever your stance is on all of this, you know, ‘she’s doing the wrong thing blah, blah, blah’, if I was really doing the wrong thing, if it was really unlawful for me to do what I did, why did he let me through?”

Ms Black was also criticised for laughing in the video once she made it across the checkpoint, but she said it was a sigh of relief as the moments building up to the checkpoint were “quite terrifying”.

Ms Black claimed by uploading the video of her crossing the checkpoint she made a mockery of police, and said they later arrested her because she embarrassed them.

‘They had a target over my head’

Six days after she successfully crossed the checkpoint on July 23, Ms Black was arrested in Carlton, in Melbourne’s inner north, after she refused to provide her name and address when intercepted by police.

Officers asked her to explain her reason for travel and when she failed to do so, police were forced to break her car window.

In her rant, Ms Black said police had a “target over her head” before her arrest.

“I, without a shadow of a doubt, feel that they were targeting me specifically. They would have been listening in on my phone calls, they would have been, you know, tracking my phone, my messages, all that kind of thing,” she said.

“They knew that I was planning on leaving the house to go to a certain place ... I was just driving, I was going on my way, and they pulled me over out of nowhere.

“Why did they choose me? Because they had a target over my head.”

Pictured is Eve Black filming herself cross a coronavirus checkpoint at Bunyip.
Eve Black filmed herself crossing a coronavirus checkpoint at Bunyip in July. Source: Facebook/Eve Black

In her video, Ms Black – who said it was the first time she had spoken publicly about the incident – claimed she did not refuse to answer questions from police and instead they refused to answer her questions.

“If I’m asking the questions, ‘what have I done wrong?’, they’ve got to say what I’ve done wrong. I’m asking what I’ve been arrested for and why am I being pulled over and they’re saying, ‘because you’re operating a motor vehicle’. Well, that’s nice, but so are all the other thousands of people on the road,” she said.

Eve Black questions deadliness of virus

During the bizarre rant, Ms Black admitted she did not watch the news but questioned the deadliness of the coronavirus.

“For the people who died in the earlier age groups, I don’t trust that those deaths are actually because of COVID-19, I really don’t,” she said.

Ms Black went on to say people who had died from diseases like cancer had coronavirus as the cause of death written on their death certificates instead.

She did not explain the reason behind her wild claim, and instead just said “I’m not buying it”.

Pictured is Eve Black learning up against the bullbar on a white car.
Eve Black claims she did nothing wrong when she crossed the checkpoint and was later arrested. Source: Instagram

Ms Black revealed she had been receiving death and rape threats since her video went viral and admitted it had been difficult and hurt her feelings.

She also added she did not post the checkpoint video on social media for attention.

“I’m not so concerned about always being right, I’m just in the pursuit of truth. I just want the truth and I want to be told the truth, but I don’t think we’re being told the truth,” she said.

Some people responded with messages of support for Ms Black on her online video, while others criticised her view.

“I work overseas in emergency response. 2004 tsunami, Haiti earthquake 2010, seen communities [wiped out] from Ebola. So I can say COVID-19 is no joke and feel sorry for you. Making a joke of this, you are making fun of people’s lives that are lost,” one said.

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