Enormous ‘Persian Hercules’ wows social media with incredible mass

Mel Buttigieg

There's no doubt this Iranian powerlifter even lifts, bro. This bloke is huge!

The enormous 24-year-old strongman has become an internet sensation for his astounding muscle mass.

'Iranian Hulk' Sajad Gharibi has become a social media sensation for his sheer mass. Pictures: Instagram

Not much is known about Sajad Gharibi, aside from the fact he competes in powerlifting and bodybuilding competitions representing his country.

Most of the powerlifter’s 155 killograms frame is believed to be muscle, making him rather lean in terms of body fat percentage.

Gharibi is rumoured to be able to lift up to 175kg – which is almost the same weight as two baby elephants.

He is known as the Persian Hercules on social media, however his friends describe Gharibi as more of a “gentle giant”.

The Hulk lookalike has almost 64,000 followers on Instagram, admired by people in awe of his massive size and strength.

The middle eastern beast also has a humorous side, often posing with inanimate objects to show how small they appear in comparison to his towering frame.