'Large-scale' email scam targeting Telstra customers

Police are warning of a large-scale fake email attack targeting inboxes across Australia.

The email in question attempts to lead people to believe it's from Telstra and contains a link that could potentially destroy someone's computer.

Appearing to look like a bill, the fake email uses a sophisticated HTML design utilising authentic looking graphical elements and layout.

The email is affecting Telstra customers. Source: Mail Guard

The person or people behind the email have even obtained a URL to make the email look more convincing.

If the recipient clicks on the link in the 'bill' they will be redirected to a compromised SharePoint site where they will be invited to download a .zip folder.

It contains a malicious JavaScript that acts as an agent to automatically download malware to the victim’s computer.

Website Mail Guard warns "It’s a good rule of thumb to never click on email attachments that are hidden in .zip files or have .exe or .js file names".

This fake email is being sent to Telstra customers. Source: Mail Guard

"Javascript files (appended with the suffix ‘.js’) usually, contain code elements and these can have significant effects on a computer system," the website says.

"Like files with the suffix .exe, they are a red-flag to us at MailGuard, because they signal that a file which is supposed to be a text document - like a utility bill - actually contains executable code."

The website warns there "are thousands of these emails" that are landing in inboxes on Wednesday and "to be cautious when checking your email".

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