Truck carrying three elephants catches fire on highway

Three elephants have had a trip they'll never forget after the truck they were traveling in burst into flames on a US highway.

The three African elephants, Mikia, Lovey and Lou, had to be rescued on a Tennessee road after the tractor-trailer they were in traveling in caught on fire, the Miami Herald reports.

The elephants were headed to a “winter retreat” and were being transported from Indiana to Florida about 2am on Monday.

The elephants had to be evacuated. Source: Twitter/ WTVC NewsChannel 9

Chattanooga Fire Department Chief Lesley Morgan said the tractor was on fire but the trailer was not and the owners managed to get the three elephants out safely.

The elephants were given some hay to munch on and stood over the road barrier as firefighters put out the blaze.

Chief Morgan added the elephants were well behaved during the ordeal.

The elephants were on their way to a winter retreat. Chattanooga Fire Department

The cause of the fire isn’t known, but the elephants and their owners were not injured.

They have since arrived at their retreat.

The elephants have since arrived at their retreat. Source: Chattanooga Fire Department