Elephant tries to 'eat' Aussie bridesmaid

One Aussie bride has had a wedding to remember, and one that the elephant will never forget.

Guests at a wedding in Thailand were left stunned as a three-year-old Indian elephant tried to eat one of the bridesmaids.

The hilarious moment was captured by well-known cinematographer Abraham Joffe, who was filming the wedding for the couple.

"She wasn't injured. It just licked her face and breathed down her throat. She just got this horrible elephant breath in her lungs," he said.

"She was a little bit embarrassed but they were all pretty laid back, being Aussies. It wasn't a prim and proper sort of day."

The elephant was a special guest at the wedding, and gave plenty of laughs for the guests.

Photo credit: Abraham Joffe

"It was after the ceremony so everyone was getting pretty relaxed by that point," Sydney-based Joffe said.

"She had to get a cocktail straight away to wash the taste out of her mouth."