Elderly men stop mid fist-fight to find missing glasses

You know you’re getting old when you’ve got to stop mid fist-fight and search for your glasses in the grass.

That’s exactly what happened in the vision that has recently surfaced online.

Two elderly men in the UK have been captured in an epic showdown where several punches were thrown, some of them even managing to connect.

The elderly men put down their bags before coming to blows, how incredibly mature. Source: Facebook

As the fight unfolded the man in the black jacket can also be seen stopping to rant and rave before finally being punched by his formidable opponent.

However during the altercation one of the elderly men has his glasses swiped clean off his face.

The pair immediately stop the battle and begin to search around in the grass for the missing glasses.

The awkward and also hilarious moment the pair began looking for their glasses. Source: Facebook

Despite being in a heated fight merely seconds earlier the man in the black jacket can be heard shouting, “Don’t stand on nothing” while the elderly pair continue to look for the missing specs.

And just like that the missing glasses are recovered by the gentleman in the black jacket.

He hands them over to their rightful owner, his apparent nemesis, before casually and calmly walking away.

The man in the red jacket puts on his glasses while the other man calmly walks off. Source: Facebook

The heated fight between the pair is now over as quickly as it began.

According to various online reports the fight broke out with one man accusing the other of ignoring him for months.

The somewhat hilarious footage was taken by a seemingly baffled passer by who managed to capture the unique exchange.

The altercation occurred outside a care home in Tyne and Wear, in the UK.