WATCH: Dump truck rolls right over the top of little boy

A young boy is lucky to be alive after a large dump truck rolled right over him in the street.

CCTV footage from China posted to LiveLeak on Friday shows the young boy making a beeline across a road when a dump truck comes down on him.

The boy freezes, and tries to dodge the massive lorry bearing down on him, but the driver tries to avoid the child and banks in the same direction.

The little boy came face to face with the big truck. Source: LiveLeak

When the little tyke disappears under the truck, the driver hits the brakes, kicking up a cloud of dust in the sudden halt.

The driver runs to the back of his truck to find the little boy, who crawls out safe and sound but a little dirty.

The driver hit the brakes after rolling over the boy. Source: LiveLeak