Drunk groomsman takes the cake

Krystal Johnson

An intoxicated, wig-wearing groomsman brought a wedding party to tears - of laughter - after woeful dance moves sent the cake flying.

Newlyweds Tara and Scott Keevers were married on Saturday at Ravensthorpe Guesthouse and Restaurant, located on the NSW South Coast, and were given a wedding reception they would never forget.

It was meant to be Tara and Scott Keevers' special day... Photo: Gavin Cato

Blake James was responsible for the hilarious moment that was captured on camera by Wendy Collier.

In the video, Blake can be seen wearing a black wig and holding a bouquet of flowers as he makes his way down the bridal entrance.

The goofy groomsman kicks his leg up high and to the beat of the music hops his way across the dance floor toward the cake - located in the middle of the dance floor.

Blake James can be seen wearing a black wig and dancing to Spice Girls in his grand entrance. Photo: Wendy Collier
The goofy groomsman squats down and hits the cake stand, sending it flying across the dance floor. Photo: Wendy Collier
Blake told Yahoo7 that everyone laughed off the unfortunate incident. Photo: Wendy Collier

Blake slowly but surely gravitates towards the cake, sending it flying across the dance floor.

Shrieks and screams are heard and the bride stares in horror as the bridesmaids bend down to clean up the mess.

Blake has been friends with Scott since kindergarten and told Yahoo7 he doesn’t remember much.

He said he was embarrassed… at first.

“I didn’t even know I did it, I was pretty hammered,” Blake told Yahoo7.

“They all looked at me in shock at first but soon everyone saw the funny side of it.”

“It is one of the funniest things I have done to this day.”

This is the cake that Tara had chosen for her special day, which was later smashed to pieces by Blake James. Photo: Gavin Cato
Tara said her bridesmaids' reactions were priceless. Flower credit: France's Dunn Florist. Photo: Gavin Cato

Blake looked over to Tara and thought she was going to kill him.

“I actually thought it was hilarious and told him it was OK,” Tara told Yahoo7.

Tara said she was shocked at first but then realised who was responsible for it.

“Before we walked down I told him to be careful and to not knock down my cake,” Tara said.

“My first reaction was holy s***t, it had to be Blake,” she said adding that she wasn’t going to let him ruin her Spice Girls moment.

Tara was no bridezilla, she laughed off the whole incident and was just grateful there was another cake available.
Blake James told Yahoo7 that he was intoxicated at the time and he doesn't really remember it. Photo: Gavin Cato

Tara was quick to get over it and said she still “cannot stop watching it”.

“If we renewed our vows in 50 years he would definitely be invited.”

The groom told Yahoo7 that "everywhere you take Blake, he is always the loudest, sloppiest and funniest person there".

“Wherever we go Blake is always the class clown and has been practising his high-kicks for the last three days,” Scott said.

“It is a story that won’t be forgotten.”

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