Man who drunk-drove more than six times the legal limit escapes jail term

A drunk driver caught at more than six times the legal limit has managed to avoid an eight-month jail sentence and should be back on the road in 12 months.

Luxury car dealer Matthew Duncan, blind drunk and unable to stand, pulled up and passed out having just been behind the wheel.

Mr Duncan couldn't stand when he was pulled over. Source: 7 News

The 40-year-old initially refused a roadside breath test but blew nearly seven times the legal limit with a blood alcohol level of .324.

On Wednesday the car salesman walked free from court, despite being arrested three times for drink driving, and should be back driving after the minimum 12-month suspension.

Earlier this year he was sentenced to a minimum eight years behind bars but that has been overturned and instead he has been handed a 15-month community supervision order.

Mr Duncan has also had his licence suspended twice and was fined $500 for refusing the breath test.

The 40-year-old has managed to dodge a jail sentence. Source: 7 News