Driver's shocking act in Coles car park: 'That's scary'

Bemused shoppers were left wondering what the man was doing as he slowly fled the scene.

Police are investigating an incident where a male driver hit a car in a Coles car park while trying to park on a pedestrian crossing, before fleeing the scene.

A witness managed to capture the incident on camera in the Melbourne suburb of Hampton, and boldly confronted the driver who appeared disorientated.

“You just crashed into that car mate," he said in the TikTok, when approaching the red Honda Civic.

The driver, wearing an orange hi-vis vest and black sunglasses that were sitting crookedly on his nose, appeared to express no remorse.

A photo of the red Honda Civic driven by the man that crashed into another car while trying to park on a zebra crossing in a Hampton, Melbourne Coles carpark.
A video is circulating online of a man in a Coles Hampton car park in Melbourne crashing into a car while trying to park on a pedestrian crossing. Source: TikTok

“F**k off dog!” he responded, and started winding up his window. Though the man with the camera pressed on.

“Mate you can’t be driving,” he continued, but to no avail as the driver was seen turning his car around in the car park, hitting another car as he went, before driving away.

Police are investigating the Melbourne hit-and-run

The incident involving the hit-and-run driver is being investigated by Victoria Police, who confirmed the crash occurred on Friday at about 12.50pm in the Coles car park on Bluff Road.

In a statement, police said there were no injuries and that the man fled the scene.

They ask witnesses or anyone with information or dashcam footage to come forward and contact Crime Stoppers on on 1800 333 000 or report online. The man sharing the video online said after reporting the incident Victoria Police had a helicopter looking for the driver.

The wild video of the audacious park and crash has since gone viral and has been viewed more than 1.3 million times, with almost 2000 comments.

"I can’t believe he had the hide to park next to the car he hit!!" one person said in response to the video. "Hope the owner of the car was compensated."

"It’s scary that he’s on the road with other families," another piped in.

"The sunnies does it for me," a third person said.

The man was allegedly driving erratically before filming started, the man behind the camera said. One person in the comments pointed out that "his side mirror is already hanging off before the crash".

The man filming was praised for being brave enough to confront the driver.

"Oh mate you really tried, you did a great job here, can't be easy to confront someone like that, my hat off to you," one person said, to which the man responded.

"Appreciate that mate," he replied. "Hindsight is 20/20 but when you're a 40yo boomer like me with 2 kids, you don't want to confront people like this anymore."

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