Driver's number plate fail leads police to shocking 'jackpot' of offences

The 'criminal mastermind' was pulled over after authorities noticed his ute's number plate was obscured. But that paled in comparison to what came next.

A routine traffic stop for a simple number plate error has left police officers “speechless” after it was revealed the driver had allegedly committed a plethora of offences.

The “criminal mastermind” was pulled over by Dubbo Highway Patrol on Easter Monday after authorities noticed the “poorly loaded” ute had an obscured back licence plate.

However, the illegal act— which can carry a $514 fine and 3 demerits in NSW — was just the tip of the iceberg, NSW Police Force’s Traffic and Highway Patrol said.

A NSW police car stopped on the side of a road with the ute with an obstructed number plate.
The driver of the ute was initially stopped due to an obstructed number plate – but it was just the tip of the iceberg. Source: NSW Police Force/Facebook

After speaking with the man, officers learned the driver also had no licence. He then returned a positive result for methamphetamine, they said.

“Then the number plates on your car are actually false and belong to another car?” NSW Police posted on Facebook on Tuesday.

To “top it off”, officers said the man — who is also on bail — then began to “text and call” a person an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) has ordered him not to contact.

The driver was arrested and charged with driving while his licence was refused, breaching an AVO, breaching bail, goods in custody and a range of other traffic offences. He was refused bail and will appear at Dubbo Local Court on Tuesday.

Aussies mock driver's list of charges

Aussies have been quick to mock the “upstanding citizen” and praise police for their efforts to remove the driver from the road.

“HWP hit the jackpot!” one person said. “Oh dear…thank goodness that one was caught,” someone else commented.

In this image a number plate that reads 1H8EPPL.
A set of number plates in Western Australia have garnered attention online. Source: Facebook

A series of humorous and “offensive” number plates have made headlines this year, prompting a warning from authorities that it is a serious offence to alter or obstruct them in any way.

In Western Australia last month, one motorist snapped up a picture of a plate on a Ford Ranger ute that read “1H8EPPL”, igniting an overwhelming response from others who couldn’t help but agree.

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