Why drivers were happy to cop this 'parking ticket'

Drivers were happy to cop this “parking fine” after finding the surprise under their windscreen wipers.

Unsuspecting Adelaide drivers discovered that instead of a fine, the slip of paper was an “excellent notice”.

The slips of paper were made to look like parking fines, even featuring a photoshopped version of The City of Adelaide’s logo.

“Notice: Hope you have an excellent day,” the piece of paper read.

“There is some spare change and a few lollies stuck to the back of this notice.

Adelaide drivers were pleasantly surprised when they received these “parking fines”. Source: 7News

“Don’t spend it all at once.

“Enjoy your Monday.”

The prank was all in the name of art and was the brainchild of student Georgia Button.

She was willing to push the limits for an assignment in her visual arts degree, leaving 20 tickets in Hindmarsh Square in Adelaide’s CBD.

“That feeling of walking back to your car and seeing a parking fine at a distance on your windscreen is such a rubbish feeling, and I thought what could be the best outcome of that,” Ms Button said.

Prank victim Charlie Roberts with the fake fine. Source: 7News

Recipients of the prank were pleasantly surprised.

“Me and mum were a few minutes late and we thought we got a parking ticket,” prank victim Charlie Roberts said.

“We read it out, just couldn’t believe it. It was so funny.”

The council said it did not encourage the prank, but saw the funny side of the project.

The “excellent notice” had lollies and money taped to the back. Source: 7News