Driver mishap leaves ute dangling atop truck: 'Can't park there'

A truck driver has enjoyed a lucky escape after nearly losing his heavy load in an accident that disrupted traffic and left a ute precariously perched on top of the larger vehicle as authorities were called to the scene.

The truck was transporting multiple cars when it took a corner in slippery conditions and the ute it was carrying overhead became dislodged and spun about 45 degrees, leaving it balancing sideways on the cab of the truck.

Video of the aftermath shows traffic carefully driving in the opposite direction as emergency services responded to the unusual situation.

Ute pictured perched atop truck as traffic passes.
The front left of the car appears to show damage. Source: TikTok

"How the hell did that happen?" one viewer wondered. "I have so many questions," another said. While many Aussies couldn't help themselves, flooding the comment to joke; "You can't park there mate".

The witness who posted the footage claimed the ute being transported moved after taking a corner and hit a pole causing it to spin on top of the vehicle.

The incident unfolded near Bulls Garden Road in Gateshead in the Greater Newcastle area, NSW, on Thursday afternoon. NSW Police confirmed to Yahoo News that officers attended the scene to assist with traffic duties, but despite the serious mishap, no infringement notices were issued.

While the truck driver was evidently not deemed at fault in this case, accidents relating to poorly secured loads can incur hefty penalties in the state.

In NSW there are four different offences for uncovered loads, all of which carry the same same fine $439 and three demerit points. Drivers can be busted for driving or towing a load which causes instability, if the load is unsecured, if the load is overhanging or if the driver does not remove anything which has fallen or been put on the road.

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