'Foolish' driver cops massive fine for incredible 'load fail'

A driver was hit with a hefty fine for the oversized load strapped to the roof of his vehicle, with police calling it a ‘load fail’.

The photos were shared to Traffic and Highway Command - NSW Police Force’s Facebook page and it was explained in the caption the driver had copped the fine because the load “ caused instability”.

While the load seen in the photos appears to be secured to the ute, the load over-hangs both at the front and back which is in violation of NSW road rules.

Picture of the Toyota Hilux which was fined for carrying a an unstable load
A driver was slapped with a $439 fine for the load mounted on the top of this ute. Source: Facebook - Traffic and Highway Patrol Command - NSW Police Force.

According to the Transport Roads and Maritime Services, loads must be secure and “contain all materials within the vehicle and trailer”.

The driver shamed on the Police’s Facebook page was fined $439 and copped three demerit points.

Penalties for uncovered loads

In NSW there are four different offences for uncovered loads, all of which carry the same same fine $439 and three demerit points.

Drivers can be busted for driving or towing a load which causes instability, if the load is unsecured, if the load is overhanging or if the driver does not remove anything which has fallen or been put on the road.

People in the comments of the Facebook post appeared to make fun of the situation.

Picture of the behind of the ute which was carrying an 'unstable load' according to police and the driver was fined.
There are four offences drivers in NSW can be fined for relating to 'uncovered loads', all carry a $439 fine. Source: Traffic and Highway Patrol Command - NSW Police Force.

“Can’t see any issues as it’s a Toyota Hilux no dramas,” one person commented.

“Top gear dropped one of those off a 10 storey building and it was fine.”

Another person claims they could not see the problem, as the car was “still on all four wheels”.

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