Police slam 'stupid' driver for three-point-turn in busy Sydney tunnel

NSW Police has condemned the stupidity of a driver seen performing a three-point turn in one of Sydney's busiest roadways.

The driver was seen driving a grey Toyota Corolla through the Cross City Tunnel at 2.30am.

The car performs the manoeuvre and narrowly misses a taxi then a mini bus before driving straight into on-coming traffic.

The driver then appears to realise the mistake after exiting the tunnel in the wrong direction, pulls over, waits, and dodges more traffic before doing another three-point turn.

The driver entered the tunnel and then began to perform a three-point-turn. Source: 7 News

NSW Police chief inspector Phil Brooks labelled the driver's actions as "stupid" and said they were putting other road users at great risks.

"Luckily the tunnel network has a very significant camera system," he said.

"We'll look for that registration plate, we'll look for that driver, and take action very swiftly."

A van missed the car as it entered the tunnel. Source: 7 News

Police are still hunting for the driver who faces a negligent driving charge, fines of around $500 and the loss of at least three demerit points.

Almost 50 cameras live stream from the tunnel and Transurban's Alisa Hitchcock said driver were being watched "all the time".

Investigations continue.

The driver begins to turn again outside the tunnel. Source: 7 News