WATCH: Off-duty nurse saves pregnant woman and unborn child

An off-duty nurse is being hailed a hero after he saved the lives of a pregnant woman and her unborn child in the US.

Keith B Ezell was driving when he came across a serious car accident last month.

The Ohio nurse stopped his vehicle and found a woman on the ground without a pulse.

Off-duty nurse saves pregnant woman's life. Source: Supplied
Off-duty nurse saves pregnant woman's life. Source: Supplied

Ezell immediately began administering CPR to the unconscious woman.

In dramatic footage of the incident, Ezell can be seen rapidly pumping the woman’s chest with both hands. He pauses periodically to give breaths of air through a respiratory mask, while several bystanders observe.

Danielle Nicole, who shared the video on her Facebook page, wrote: “This is my friend and co-worker Keith B Ezell who was caught rescuing this woman, and unborn child, after witnessing a car accident on his way to work with minimal assistance. He ROCKS! #NotYourAverageNursingAssistant #SheSurvived #TeamNursing #BlackNursesRock“

The moment the nurse sprung into action. Source: Supplied
The moment the nurse sprung into action. Source: Supplied

Paramedics arrived about a minute and a half later and took over. In the video, Ezell steps away from the woman and a few seconds later someone shouts, “We got a pulse! Good job!”

Ezell is jubilant and announces, “My job is done!” A handful of people observing the ordeal begin offering their congratulations. But Ezell has no time to celebrate and announces that he somewhere to be. “I gotta go to work,” says the humble nurse.

Ezell later told WKYC Channel 3 News that he recently completed a new CPR class and happened to have the respiratory mask in his car. He called the hospital to check on the woman and was told she survived. “I thought, my job is done. She gets to live.”

As of Tuesday evening, the video has been viewed more than 15 million times and liked 209,000 times.

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