WATCH: Donald Trump's awkward handshake with wife Melania

The relationship between President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump has come under scrutiny online after an awkward handshake between the pair at an event on Friday.

Video shows Melania proudly introducing her husband to the stage at a US Air Force event at which point President Trump walks across the stage and instead of giving his wife a kiss, he opts for an awkward formal hand shake.

He then proceeds to tell Melania where to go, muttering "go across the stage, you go sit down honey".

President Trump gave his wife a handshake after she introduced him.

It's not the first awkward encounter between the couple which has been caught on video.

A video of the pair dancing did the rounds earlier this year because of the face Melania was making.

Another video was widely circulated that showed President Trump whisper something to Melania and she made another facial expression.

There was also footage which showed Trump moving to hold Melania's hand and her slapping his hand away.

His wife looked less than impressed after the encounter.

This latest video has plenty of social media users questioning the couple's relationship.