'Psychotic bully': TV star Don Burke accused of sexually harassing female coworkers

Gardening guru Don Burke has been accused of indecent assault and sexual harassment.

The star of popular show 'Burke's Backyard' was described as a "psychotic bully" and a "sexual predator" who harassed female employees during his time on the show, Fairfax Media reports.

Former colleagues have come out, claiming he indecently assaulted, sexually harassed and bullied a string of female employees.

It's believed more than 50 women have been interviewed and made serious allegations about his actions.

The star was described as a 'psychotic bully' and 'sexual predator'. Source: Getty

The claims have been made by women who worked with Burke in the late 1980s and 1990s.

One alleged victim, a former researcher on the show, claimed Don "was lewd and he was crude", and his constant talk of sex was "designed to confront you and to demean you".

Don Burke has vigorously denied these claims and hired top defamation lawyer, Patrick George, a senior partner of Kennedys Australia.

In his statement Burke described himself as "a classic sitting duck" because he not only presented the program but ran the production company behind it, meaning he inevitably had to fire some employees.

"I also believe that this publication is opportunistic and intended to severely damage my reputation, by trying to link my alleged behaviour with the appalling behaviour of Harvey Weinstein, which has gained a lot of media traction," Burke said in a statement.

"The bitter irony is that I have had a lifelong opposition to sexism and misogyny. Burke's Backyard was a lone bastion of anti-misogyny from its inception in 1987."

Newsbreak - November 27