Dog riding a lawnmower like a boss interrupts TV news report

Mel Buttigieg

Someone get this dog a beer!

Video footage has gone viral of a TV news reporter covering the aftermath of a recent tornado in Texas, US, when she is distracted by an unexpected sight in the distance.

Andrea Martinez of news station KYTX went completely off script and interrupts the broadcast to tell the camera crew to get a look at a dog who thinks he’s people.

This golden labrador sits perched atop a lawnmower like a boss. Picture: Facebook/KYTX CBS19

After tornadoes caused havoc across Texas this week, among the rubble and destruction in the city of Malakoffa was a dog sitting atop a stationary ride-on lawnmower.

Mid sentence, Martinez laughs: “Oh. My. God!” as she spies the chilled out golden lab perched up on the seat, with perfect posture and one paw resting on the steering wheel, like a boss.

“That is so great!...That’s awesome,” she says, while the relaxed dog looks over at the crew, nonplussed.

The video was shared on social media on Tuesday by KYTX CBS19 and has since been viewed and shared all over the world.