Doctor's terrifying discovery after pain in woman's ear

An endoscopy has revealed a very unwelcome creature nesting inside a patient.

This is the horrifying moment a doctor sends a camera probe down a woman's ear to find a false eardrum woven by a spider raising a colony of offspring.

The nerve-wracking footage was shared with Newsflash by Huidong County People's Hospital, in Sichuan Province, China, last week.

Video footage from an endoscope shows the doctor probing the patient's right ear with special tweezers fitted with a camera.

Endoscope vision of spider in woman's ear
A spider was discovered nesting in a woman's ear after she complained of tinnitus-like symptoms. Source: AsiaWire/Australscope

The medic finds what looks like an eardrum but realises it's a silky web. Then as he peels it away, the terrifying spider raising a family behind it rushes out and attacks the probe.

The woman had come to the hospital with what at first seemed like a case of tinnitus. But medics soon realised that the strange sounds and pain were coming from the spider making its home in her ear.

"The web made by this spider is very similar to the eardrum. When the ear endoscope first entered, nothing abnormal was found," the physician of the Department of Otolaryngology, Han Xinglong, told local media.

"But when you look closely, there seems to be something moving underneath. I pushed aside the spider web, it was about to flee, but it was finally taken out smoothly."

Fortunately for the woman, the spider was not poisonous, and she suffered only minor damage to her ear canal.

The hospital cautioned individuals from removing foreign objects by themselves, urging them to seek professional help when available due to the risk of causing further injury.

- AsiaWire/Australscope

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