DNA test leads to shock discovery of doctor who secretly fathered countless kids

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A woman has been left in shock after a DNA test revealed her family doctor was her father, and she potentially had hundreds of half siblings.

Jaime Hall, who has lost both her parents, said she took a DNA test through ancestry.com and couldn’t believe the results when they came back.

“I go, 'I think my Mum's doctor is my Dad,'” Ms Hall told outlet ABC affiliate WXYZ.

Dr. Philip Peven (left) with one of his children donor children, Jaime Hall (right)
Jaime Hall (right) discovered her family doctor, Dr. Philip Peven (left) was her father. Source: wxyz

When the woman confronted Michigan physician, Dr Philip Peven, who is now 104-years-old, she says he admitted to donating his sperm to many of his patients since the 1940’s and may potentially have hundreds of children.

Shortly after taking the DNA test Ms Hall received a call from a half brother, also Dr Peven’s grandson, who had done more research than she had and was well aware of the situation.

“He said you have another half brother that you can call today. It’s his birthday and he’d love to get a sister on his birthday,” Ms Hall told WXYZ.

Ms Hall’s parents had visited Dr Peven at Grace Hospital in the 1950’s because they were having difficulty conceiving.

Jaime Hall's parents (left) had visited Dr. Philip Peven (right)
Jaime Hall's parents (left) had visited Dr Philip Peven (right) after they struggled to conceive in the 1950s. Source: wxyz

Ms Hall said Dr Peven would use a fresh sperm sample from himself or one of the other doctors to inseminate his patients, believing he was more of a scientist than a doctor.

“He said, 'I was on the cutting edge, a pioneer... to be doing what I was doing at my practice,'” Ms Hall explained.

While discussing the situation with Dr Peven, Ms Hall said his other daughter commented that he may have fathered hundreds, or even thousands of children over his 40-year career.

Ms Hall said Dr Peven responded “I guess that’s true.”

Ms Hall said while she was initially in shock over the discovery, she isn’t angry and came forward because she believes everyone born from a donor doctor has a right to know who their parents are.

She Is encouraging other patients of the hospital born through the 1950s to 1980s to take a DNA test.

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