'Divorce him': Wife shames husband's chip and dip habit

A woman has been warned her husband could be a potential serial killer after she exposed his unique style of eating chips and dip.

The woman posted the image on Reddit that shows a paper plate with chips ‘pre loaded’ with dip in the forum titled ‘mildly interesting’.

“My husband ‘pre-dips’ his chips before eating them,” she captioned the photo.

A plate full of chips that have been re loaded with dip
A woman has outed her husband for ‘pre-dipping’ his chips before eating them. Source: Reddit

‘Your husband is probably a serial killer’

The image drew hundreds of comments from concerned Redditors who warned the woman she could be married to a very dangerous man.

“Your husband is probably a serial killer,” one person wrote, cutting to the chase.

“The sick twist is dressing up his chips in different dips for his lurid amusement,” another person suggested.

“A serial killer would have the same number of each chip,” a person argued.

The odd user thought the man may have been some sort of snack eating genius.

“Allows him to sit down or roam freely at a party and free up the space surrounding the chip table. Otherwise you're hanging around that table like a fly or you're missing out. Not a bad tactic,” one person commented.

“Why wouldn't he just spoon some out onto the plate?” a sane person questioned.

A chip in dip
Debate raged over the chip and dip hack - was the man a genius or a future serial killer? Source: Getty

Many forum users jokingly suggested that the woman should immediately draw up divorce papers and leave her husband for his unusual habit that the majority of the group concluded would eventually lead to a murderous spree.

“Red flags everywhere...you obviously need to break up with him!” one person replied.

“You should divorce him,” a user agreed.

“Yeah he's definitely a sociopath or something,” another replied

“Check the crawl space and ask your neighbours about missing pets, this guy has literal skeletons in the closet,” a user suggested.

“He probably pre-dips his victims,” a person commented.

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