Disturbing video captures schoolgirl's brutal assault

Disturbing video captures schoolgirl's brutal assault

Disturbing mobile phone video has captured a schoolyard bully attacking a fellow classmate.

In the footage, student Terri-Mae Lunt, 13, is seen being kicked and dragged by her hair. Classmates watched, pulled out their phones, but did nothing to stop the brutal attack.

A nearby bus driver had to intervene and stop the beating.

The girl’s parents pulled her out of school after the attack. They tried to press charges against the bully but police were unable to establish how the fight began.

Terri-Mae, of Mosten, Manchester, told Daily Mail she had been sent abusive text messages from two pupils at Manchester Creative and Media Academy in Blackley.

Her father, Terry Lunt, said: “The video is absolutely traumatic to watch.”

“She was in a state. She had severe bruising to her face, chest and arms, and bite marks on her. She was lucky nothing was broken,” he added.

Her mother Melanie has described the moment she found her injured daughter.

“I saw about 100 black blazers stood outside the school gates and just thought, “I hope that’s not Terri-Mae”. I parked up and jumped out,” she said.

The school suspended the girl involved in the attack.